What Co-ops and DAOs Can Learn From Each Other - Austin Robey

The best framework for coordinating — and making a difference — may not be a choice between the two models, but a blend of both.

The example list of types of co-ops and DAOs is useful:


  • Consumer cooperatives
  • Purchasing cooperatives
  • Multi-stakeholder cooperatives
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Marketing cooperatives
  • Producer cooperatives

The baseline definition of DAO is pretty good too:

DAOs, token-coordinated internet-native organizations that use blockchain as their foundation


  • Protocol/platform DAOs
  • Creator DAOs
  • Service DAOs
  • Curation DAOs
  • Investment DAOs
  • Social DAOs

Links to #song-a-day, which is a co-op and a DAO Song a Day World

Note: I’m a board member and co-op member of SAD - you all should come join!