WeMintArt - free NFT contract deploy & mint


Create your own NFT contract and mint your own ERC721 1/1

Open source Mim Nermos / freemint · GitLab

Supports Ethereum, testnets, Polygon.

Deploy instructions:

1)Click on the ‘Deploy’ tab on wemint.art

2)Choose your own ticker and contract name, eg: ‘ART’ and ‘My Art Contract’. Choose the names carefully as they will be on the Ethereum blockchain forever.

3)Click ‘Deploy!’.

4)Metamask should bring up a window telling you the gas fees to deploy. If gas is too high for you, wait and keep checking etherscan.io gas tracker for gas prices to drop.

5)Once you’ve deployed, you can check your contract by going to etherscan.io (or rinkeby.etherscan.io if testing on testnet) and entering your wallet address. You should see the contract creation hash and all the details under your profile.

6)You have now deployed your own custom ERC721 contract on the blockchain!

Do you know the person/group behind the project Boris?

Nope! Just came across it in my Twitter and wanted to share.