Tab sweep #000: The Sweepening

I generally like to post individual links / articles so they can be discussed, tagged, and shared individually. But today, it’s clear I need to do a tab sweep — aka go through all the open tabs I have, mostly on my phone, and capture and share a bunch of links and articles and tweets.

I do read stuff other than crypto / web3, but in this case I’ll filter stuff down to just this. I’m still wondering how to combine OR split my worlds.

Please feel free to contribute your own tab sweep! I’ll look to do these more regularly to make them smaller!

Lost Poets Project

And yes, OpenSea UI clutter indeed!

Doesn’t work on mobile.

DAO Loyalty vs Chain Loyalty

There is no digital world, Christopher Butler

via Jamie McCue

Ghostbusters Movie Collectables NFTs

Congrats @nerdburn — he worked on the website.

Interesting mechanics around ghost traps

  1. 500 Mini-Puft Mob members will be running through the wallets that already have a Mini-Puft. (What can we say? They like to travel in packs.)
  2. Mob Mini-Pufts will stay in each wallet for less than an hour.
  3. You can trap a Mob Mini-Puft if you have a Ghost Trap NFT in the same wallet as the Mob member.
  4. Once you use the trap it’s gone for good.
  5. Check back here often, you never know when a Mob member will visit your wallet.

Sismo - Provable Reputation on your main Ethereum account using zk proofs

Sismo issues badges (non-transferable NFTs) to your public Ethereum profiles (ENS names). They are Zero-Knowledge (ZK) attestations of facts imported from your other accounts (Ethereum accounts as well as twitter or github). You can aggregate your reputation, with confidentiality, to your public profile.

RinkebyDAO using Juicebox

Rinkeby is one of the Ethereum test networks. RinkebyDAO is a test DAO that uses Juicebox. A way to participate in a DAO “for real” but using testnet Eth that you can get for free.

Creco NFT Ranking / Research

Haven’t really played with it, don’t remember why it’s in a tab :wink:

Adjacent Possible: Chris Dixon on DAOs

Starships and Tokens, Trent McConaghy (2017)

In this essay, I describe a decentralized system for humanity to collectively graph the steps towards self-actualization, from conquering malaria and a shared planetary database, to universal basic income and even asteroid mining.

Trent is the founder of Ocean Protocol, originally from Canada now in Berlin.

ascribe for NFT Archeologists, Trent McConaghy

Trent built ascribe, an early NFT-like system

ascribe was a protocol, backend, and app for blockchain-secured digital art (“NFTs”) starting in 2013. It was built on Bitcoin; Ethereum didn’t exist yet. It grew to 13,500 users and 31,900 registered works. Despite the traction, it was too early. It’s been dormant since 2018, though I have a feeling that it has interesting chapters ahead.


OpenID Connect to Ethereum login. I don’t actually recommend this — it just moves the trust to the server that runs the openid connect — but is still an interesting implementation.

sign in with Ethereum

By SpruceID, some new standards EIP-4361. Need to come back to this.

On falling down the rabbit hole, Theodora Chu

The ultimate guide to L2s on Ethereum, DCBuilder

L2 means “layer 2”

An L2 (layer-two) is a type of scaling solution that has a separate execution layer (where code runs, i.e. EVM) that inherits the security guarantees and decentralization of the network it’s running on top of i.e., the L1, Ethereum in our case. This means that if the L2 were to go dark due to a bug, infrastructure exploits, or outage, the funds are safely secured by the L1 within a smart contract bridge.

Upstream Collective

An Upstream Collective is a community with a shared wallet. Members contribute funds and vote on proposals to take actions together.

Upstream appears to be a mobile first LinkedIn type social network but focused on professional groups. They’ve launched collectives — aka DAOs.

Minty: developer tools to easily mint an NFT on your own

Opolis: Member owned digital coop

Provides services for freelancers in a tokenized structure but real world entity in the US.

I’m a member, but haven’t done anything with it. Do need to split this out into a separate article.

Decentralized Tech & the Future of Organizing, Richard Bartlett

If you believe in the social impact potential of cooperatives, self-managing organisations & mutual aid networks, but, like me, you’ve been skeptical about web3 (cryptocurrencies, DAOs & blockchains) then I invite you to take a second look. In this newsletter I’ve compiled my favourite web3 podcasts, articles, people & projects to maybe convince you that there’s something worth paying attention to here. Before I get to the list though, let me share some more context about what web3 is and what problems it is trying to solve.

Good Tweets

Tab sweep - brilliant. Finally the bad habit may have a productive use!

Most recent tab: DAOs, A Canon - Future if anyone goes through, would love to know which resources stand out as awesome for you

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