Seeking Solidity Dev for NFT Project

I’m looking for a Solidity developer that I can connect with my brother.

He’s launching an NFT project and these are the development requirements that he’s shared.

Please reach out if you’re interested in connecting or can introduce to someone in your network.

@sprice do you have bandwidth for new projects?

@nerdburn you should message @and_how

Thanks for the mention @boris. Hi @and_how :wave:

The last project I worked on hit 10/12 of those bullet points. And the missing two are fairly trivial to add :blush:

We’re booking about ~3-4 weeks out at the moment and I always enjoy talking to potential collaborators. I can be reached at Please feel free to reach out any time :grinning:

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Thanks @boris too — happy to throw my (team’s) hat in the ring too. Can reach me at :grin:Happy to collab as well @sprice :raised_hands:

@sprice Thanks for the quick reply. Intro email sent to you and Harm.

@nerdburn I’ve sent an intro email to you and Harm. He’ll take it from here. Thanks!