Raising Capital as a Pseudonymous Founder - Soona

Let’s address it from the outset: pseudonymous does not mean anonymous. Anonymity - without a name in latin - might be valuable if you’re making a donation and don’t want the credit, but it’s functionally useless when trying to organize a team and procure financing to build a company or protocol. The distinction seems almost trivial to mention but it’s critical to understanding the inherent value of pseudonymity.

Soona covers what investors are going to evaluate, and this was an interesting point:

On-chain history A wallet address is the ultimate source of truth for reputation in the space. A pseudonymous founder’s entire crypto footprint, effectively reduced to a string of letters or numbers.

Thank you for sharing, super interesting.

Glad you liked it. That’s what this space is for — so we can all share interesting articles and knowledge to learn together.

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