Orbis | Decentralized Social Network

I haven’t looked into the stack. Saw a post that it’s growing quickly. Peepeth back in the day grew quickly as well.

I can take any social network that doesn’t support mobile login seriously:

This looks like twitter, but decentralized?

Tried to register a moment ago on my desktop but after connecting metamask + creating a new ID, the website became unresponsive? =(
The “Connect” wallet button is now missing.


Thanks for reminding me about this!

I got through it on desktop with MM. There are multiple signing steps required (gasless) because if you don’t have one already, it creates a 3ID / Ceramic profile account. Turns out I was an early user and had to create a new account, so it took longer.

I made an Expand/Contract group you can join Orbis | Decentralized Social Network