Odd Future - Monthly NFT Meetup Vancouver

Just saw this via Steve Krueger, takes place Thursday, October 28, 2021 2:00 AM at Shuck Shuck in Chinatown.

The second official NFT meetup hosted by Odd Future, a company built around good people, good vibes, and learning how to navigate this NFT world together!

This time around, we will be going through some of the basics of NFT buying/selling, including an intro to some of the different tools that are available, how to pick and choose winners, and tracking trends in the market.

I don’t know anything about the company, but I want to start connecting with some more locals, especially as we figure out when / what in-person Expand/Contract conference will look like.

Tagging Vancouver locals @Olivia @depatchedmode – I’m going to go.

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I read the overview. It sounds pretty “basic” - It seems the topics are things like where to go buy NFT, and basically how to get on the hype-wagon.
Do you think it goes deeper than that @boris ?

Probably not, but I want to see what people are up to. And who shows up!

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