Nuit des Idées | (Re)build the Art World Together - Jan 27th, 2022

The new “phenomenon” of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), inviolable property titles via the blockchain, can be applied to any digital object: photo, video, music, video game element (and even a tweet or an excerpt from a sporting event).
To own the title of these “crypto arts” millions of dollars can be at stake. In addition to the new speculative bubble aspect, NFTs also promise a new experience in online video games or museums, and to revolutionize the creation-distribution model of works.
During this roundtable, join us to hear experiences from artists and professionals from the artistic, technological and academic world to understand what opportunities NFTs offer in terms of creation, diffusion and cultural consumption.

Excellent knowledgeable speakers, including Rhea Meyers.

Put on by the Alliance Francaise, although discussion will be in English. Free and online, you need to RSVP. 2022-01-28T03:00:00Z