NFT ideas for a livestream premiere of a new song

Here are some ideas that I have for using NFTs in relation to a livestream concert where a new song is premiered. Do you have other suggestions?

  • Tickets to the live stream
  • A “memento pack” of photos and small video clips from the concert
  • The lead sheet to the song
  • Album downloads from the performers’ collective backlogs with custom digitally signed covers
  • A claim on tickets or downloads from future events (be it a concert, a recording, whatever… they’d get a ticket or a download)

I think “attendance” needs to be thought of separately from whatever your plans are for any of the artifacts.

POAP focuses on attendance stuff.

Being an attendee might put you first in line / early access for the other things you mention.

Think about what you actually want to sell in regards to the song. It’s unclear to me the collectable angle around songs in general but I suspect collectable song / album covers will likely be about the illustrative artist than the audio? Not sure?

The performers in this concert have decided not to do a livestream - so scratch this idea =) This also frees us from the specific date, and we can do a pre-conference event whenever it best suits us.

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