Investigating wallets

Started a Twitter thread related to wallets and profiles (link below). @nerdburn kindly contributed a number of resources:

Argent Wallet:

Mack mentioned the Dapper wallet:

Can’t wait to see/hear/play with whatever Fission builds

Tally that @nerdburn mentioned is sort of a direct competition to MetaMask and intends to be open source / community owned.

Dapper is a Flow Wallet isn’t it? Or did they keep developing it an Ethereum wallet?

Coinbase Wallet should be on your list.

Most of these are very DeFi focused. Rainbow has done a ton with profiles and display and management of NFTs … while also having DeFi stuff built in.

Argent is currently very DeFi focused but it’s non custodial tech could mean building something more gaming related.

There’s a custodial wallet made by the Skyweavers guys.

All of these are Ethereum flavoured chains, and the wallets for Ethereum are the most advanced. And have highest volume of NFTs right now I think.

Mobile wallets are really the only thing interesting. You can make a wallet website — eG like MyCrypto, which is a multi chain, multi address portfolio manager.

It’s all views on the same data.