InLoop - NFT membership platform

Also seen on LinkedIn via founder James Sun James Sun on LinkedIn: InLoop - Launch a membership NFT for your community | Product Hunt

Super excited to launch v1 of inloop today, the easiest way for makers & creators to launch a NFT membership for their community.

We believe the future is led by creators and owned by communities, and being able to play a small part is exciting.

In this world, membership tokens that prove ownership, have utility across all platforms, and economically aligns creators & their community will be critical.

Compared to subscription memberships, the NFT model provides lasting value for members and more revenue opportunities for creators.

Today, it’s quite difficult for makers/creators to launch their own NFT membership pass. They have to commission artists to design a pack of unique NFTs, build a storefront that connects with wallets and handles both USD + Crypto payments, and verify token ownership to deliver exclusive content + experiences.

InLoop handles all this. We mint unique membership cards with the creator’s brand using generative art, handle payments + logistics with a custom storefront builder, and gate exclusive content behind the creator’s private feed for verified NFT holders.

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