In Defense of web3 - Smol Farm

Focuses a lot on artists. This part on an answer to “but you can commission artists today”

While it should always be easy to commission artists to make work you want, we need more artist-first avenues that enable them to devote more time to personal creations — that then others hopefully find worth owning.

On artificial scarcity:

scarcity is better to be pushed into the digital world if it unlocks someone’s ability to pay their bills in the physical world.

I agree with this phrasing but also my take is that yes there are “limited editions”… but it is the ownership that is scarce, not the digital artwork!

The cost of copying digital images is zero, so what is scarce is what NFTs are — proof of collection, proof of purchase, proof of ownership.

What that actually means is up to each NFT and the rights conferred with purchase.

There’s more, and I encourage reading the whole thing.

Who the article is by is interesting too:

Published by Smol Farm, a hobby egg farm & other eclectic projects owned by LGBTQ+ women.

I actually half way think it’s an article to drive traffic — but it is very well written and relatively balanced.