How are websites, mobile apps, and 3rd party services consuming NFTs? Found anything interesting?

Perhaps a bit of a homer question, but how are people using NFT’s outside of opensea and twitter avatars?

Are there any use cases or examples of 3rd party apps the consume NFT’s?

Idea 1
Are there standard markups available? Think unfurls or open graph, but for NFTs. Mostly interested and curious about how an NFT could be used within another ecosystem that can speak / consume / interact with its creator, or potentially across multiple 3rd party apps.

Based on what’s available above, I have a wee mobile app that I’d like to experiment with first-party and third-party NFTs.

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NFTs as content gating, NFTs to unlock special abilities inside dapps, NFTs as collectable card games or power ups, NFTs that you burn, collect a set of, or otherwise transform.

But maybe I’m misunderstanding 3rd party app? The NFTs are owned by your account / wallet address and any dapp you login to with that account can scan the NFTs you own.

NFTs have some very basic default metadata. You can look at the spec < EIP-721: Non-Fungible Token Standard> which is both smart contract code and some offchain metadata in the form of a JSON Schema with just Name, Description, and Image.

Everything else is custom — but that’s where the fun is, because of course you can make metadata that is “compatible” between different NFTs. Or even attach NFTs to NFTs by referencing their on chain unique addresses & ids.

There are very few mobile apps in the space — OpenSea just launched theirs this past week — because of the need to include wallet functionality. WalletConnect has solved this today.

Thought this was interesting and relevant to the above thread:

I see an opportunity to offer Trust and Bounties within an embed