Going full-time in crypto - non-technical guide

The best way to get started is to learn the fundamentals (NFT, DeFi, DAOs). These reading guides make up the perfect starter pack.





by natimuril:


via this thread, that could get a lot more links pulled out of it:

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Thank you for sharing. Diving in.

Welcome @sonia! I added you to some members only groups so you should see more stuff now.

The #reading-list tag has good stuff, as does the #web3 tag.

As a newbie, I’ve had some good learning from Bankless re: DeFI

I am looking for contract work in web3. In the last week, I searched through discords and job posting boards but didn’t find many opportunities. It seems most opportunities come through network connections.

Later this week I’ll share my findings!

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Yeah @nerdburn just networked with people he knows I think. I just sent him an intro :wink:

Looking forward to what you come up with!

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