FAQ & Resources for May 7th Workshop

These are resources for artists and volunteers for the 2022-05-07T07:00:00Z one day Workshop. See the Agenda »

For Artists

For artists that are attending, please come with your laptop and your smartphone.

We’ll do a sample mint that you can either scribble on a piece of paper or use a piece of art on your computer.

Artist Questions

What is the environmental impact/concern - is it ethical?

How can 3D Artforms translate into NFTs? How can blockchain in theory and practice, apply to 3D and VR artistic videos?

What is the potential for marrying physical objects with digital objects?

How do non-digital paintings fit into the NFT space?

How do Fine Artists engage in the space?

Would animations work as NFTS?

Can you explain the psychology of the NFTs collector?

What are some hidden obstacles we should be aware of?

Is this the future of art? of life in general?

What other applications can we expect to see from Web3, other than NFTs?

What are the pros and cons of NFT Art?

How do Artists market their NFT projects?

Can NFTs be a viable revenue stream for selling art?

For collabs where an art/director or director is gathering other collaborators for an NFT project, who should be the one to mint the pieces?

When working on a collab NFT project, how does that work for yearly taxes?

What are the Legal and IP considerations?

Can you please tell me more re: rights, ownership, intellectual property, smart contracts?

Any good tax resources for crypto and NFTs?

What makes NFTs valuable?

Are there any reasons to not create NFTs?

What are some examples of good collaboration projects between different disciplines?

How do royalties work?

How do we add contracts/terms/commissions on future sales of Tokens?

Can an NFT be attached to a design object such that royalties accrue to the creator when the object is resold?

What is the difference between a token, a mint, an NFTs and a smart contract?


What is EcomSquare?

EcomSquare is an ecommerce focused coworking space that is our sponsor. They have hosted a number of NFT and Web3 events. We’ll be in the Commerce Clubhouse space downstairs.

EcomSquare is run by Steve Krueger – thank you Steve & EcomSquare for being our venue sponsor!

Who is putting this on? It’s FREE???

Michelle @Michy, Rachael @rachaela, and Boris @boris are the organizers and hosts for this workshop. Michelle and Rachael are artists, Boris is a technologist working in the web3 space (who also runs this web forum).

Yes, there is no charge for the website. It is meant as an informational resource to support artists.

We’ll be asking for donations and sponsors to help cover costs and to make some cryptocurrency available to artists to cover basic gas fees.

How can I buy cryptocurrency? How can I sell it for $CAD?

Newton is a centralized exchange in Canada that lets you buy and sell different cryptocurrencies. You can fund your account and withdraw using Interac.

yes that is a referral link for @boris’s account that gives him and you $25

Wealthsimple is a Canadian financial platform that covers many different types of investing, including their Crypto option. It is not a traditional exchange, but focused on investing.

What is Discord?

Discord is a chat and community platform that was originally designed for gaming, and has now been adopted by a number of online communities. Unlike Slack, you have a single account and join multiple servers.

Discord works both in your web browser, as well as with a desktop and/or mobile app.

We have a basic Discord server setup to serve as both a demo for artists, and a safe space for attendees to hang out, share links, and ask questions. You can join the server using this invite link: https://discord.gg/Pk356AKWaq


Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) Addresses


ENS lets you register a special type of domain that can point at your wallet address. Many places that usually need a full address, can also support typing in an ENS name like bmann.eth instead.

As another example, here is a link to Boris’ wallet on the Rainbow Wallet website, which shows all the NFTs in the wallet: https://rainbow.me/bmann.eth


We’ve created the makesart.eth domain, and we can give all the workshop participants a subdomain like YOURNAME.makesart.eth that you can use to point to your wallet address.

Wallet Apps

Rainbow Wallet


A mobile wallet that supports Ethereum and related networks (Polygon and Optimism). Uses WalletConnect to scan a QR code to login on your browser.



The most popular browser extension wallet for Ethereum and related networks. Also has a mobile version.



A web-based wallet used with the Tezos blockchain.

Overview of minting platforms

Tezos Objkt Guide


Current Events / Vancouver Locals

There is tezos4tezos event that runs May 6th to 8th, encouraging people to mint works and buy works from other artists for 0.1 tez (about 30¢ CAD). Check the #tezo4tezos hashtag on Twitter to find people participating.

NFT BC held an event at the Hollywood Theater May 1st (yes, you just missed it!). Subscribe to future events on their website https://nftbc.live/ and follow them on twitter @NFT__BC

Oddfutur3 meets at EcomSquare monthly. Next event May 26th, register on Eventbrite.

Guava Girls is “a generative NFT artwork project that provides membership to an online community centered around women’s experiences.” Founder / Artist is Lay Hoon aka @ArtyGuava / IG:artyguava. Based in Vancouver.

Billion Buns by Carson Ting, follow on twitter @billionbuns. Based in Vancouver.