Donations for Artists

We’re running this first workshop in Vancouver at no charge to artists.

We’ve got EcomSquare donating the venue, and organizers, speakers, and volunteers helping to run the day. More details on the agenda page about what we’re covering.

Now we’re looking for a few donations to gas up artists. We’d like to grant some small honorariums of ETH and MATIC (Polygon) so that artists can experiment with minting NFTs on a couple of different platforms.

We have two multisig Gnosis Safe wallets set up for this:

Ethereum Safe Wallet:

  • vancouver.nftartistworkshop.eth
  • or direct address 0x8504c2eBA611639c7Cf963a89589e6207716507F

Polygon Safe Wallet:

  • 0x32114542F17d440E929B22f475E1E07f9F503517

Stretch goal is to do some teaching on the Tezos chain, for which you can send to @boris’s account: