Coinvise - Create your own token

Launch your own personal / community token, with a full set of features.

Activity has a feed of other things on the platform, including “quests” — tasks for people to do to earn community tokens.

Says you can import an existing token — only place to do that seems to be the Airdrop: I could pay to Airdrop #boriscoin using links or other ways to redeem.

Supports main-net Ethereum and Polygon as networks. I’m going to launch BorisCoin on Polygon as an experiment, I think.

I originally created BorisCoin using a tool called Hexel which no longer exists. It helped deploy the token contract but the contract is owned by me, so pretty nice way to do it. I haven’t looked further into the limitations of Coinvise.

And, in many cases, I’d pick a DAO framework to create a coin with instead.

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Well, #borisCoin on Polygon now exists: BorisCoin (BORIS) Token Tracker | PolygonScan

No custom image for it … yet.

I also tested the airdrop feature (which Coinvise charges a fee for). Their docs are pretty good: Coinvise Airdrop Docs

Had an issue with getting the actual link, will post it here for people to claim their $BORIS on Polygon!

Fixed the issue and got the link. Claim your BorisCoin on Polygon:

Please report back on your experience. Especially if you’ve never done anything on Polygon. Your current wallet and address on Ethereum should just work — you just need to switch networks.

Managed to claim 100 BORIS!!!

I found the experience fairly easy and straightforward, even though I’ve never used Polygon with metamask.

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Awesome, thanks for the report back!